weddings & portraits

Hi I’m Marta.

I like to call myself a heartfelt photographer. I specialise in wedding and family photography.

For me, capturing emotions is what photography is all about, and this is why I love it.


Photographing weddings is a huge responsibility and great honour for me.

Your memories of that day will be influenced by the pictures I take. They will remind you of some of the things you forgot or missed. I want your memories to last a lifetime with the help of my photos.

After your family and friends, I am the person you interact most with throughout every step of your day, and my easy-going personality means we will get on well together, right from the start.


Photographing you and your family is a great adventure.

Imagine yourself at a beautiful beach with the sound of children’s laughter. Imagine playing hide-and-seek in the park with a chocolate ice cream. These are the moments I capture, bringing those memories and senses to life again. So jump in for a ride!

When working together, each member of your family is just as important as the next. I will never ask for a false smile – I simply capture them when they appear and allow your emotions and true selves to shine through in a relaxing environment. My pictures show you the way you are and will show your love.


I over-deliver.

It’s a habit.


I love to create.

I like to use costumes and styling. So much pleasure and fun can be gained in seeking the right style for my client. But if you’re happy with staying natural and as you are, it’s fine with me. No pressure.


How do I do that?

I was not born with a camera in my hands, but art has been present in my life ever since I can remember – my grandfather was a painter and my grandma and aunts did all kinds of needlework.


I am natively Polish but moved to Britain as an adult. This is where my daughter was born. This is where I bought my first ‘real’ camera. This is where the whole story begins.


My very first pictures were those of my baby girl.

For me, discovering photography was finding a real life passion. I started to practice, picture by picture. And here I am – ready to work with you and grateful for doing what I love.

I am a professional. I am a mother. I am an artist. I am a chocaholic.

Would you like to know me better?

Get in touch.

Did I mention that I am slightly addicted to Pinterest and Facebook?